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About us

SADMET was established in 1996. The company was founded on its owners' passion and 20 years worth of experience in the fastener industry. Our team of qualified and engaged customer service employees will take care of your every order, from placement to finalisation.

We specialise in the sale of fasteners for various industries - from bolts for agricultural industry to specialist bolts and screws for tool shops. Our offer includes both typical fasteners in the most popular hardness classes of 5.8 and 8.8, as well as standardised parts for even the most demanding customers, made from high durability materials in accordance with DIN, ISO and other standards.

We provide reliable and timely shipping; we act quickly and flexibly in emergency situations. We take care of every customer individually, providing them with as much information as required to make a full use of our offer.

The majority of our offer is available directly from our warehouse, thanks to which we are able to complete orders immediately.

Apart from standardised parts, in our seat at Rozłogi 2 you can find specialist fasteners, such as class 10.9; 12.9 stainless steel bolts as well as tools and power tools.

Our warehouse at Smoleńska 60 houses over 200 tonnes of standard fasteners - including bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rods, anchors.



Fasteners are our main field of activity. Over 200 tonnes of goods - bolts, nuts, washers, screws, self-tapping screws, threaded rods and much, much more. All products are available in various hardness classes and materials. We also offer non-standard elements, customised in accordance with drawings provided by customers.

In our store at Rozłogi 2 you will find tools and accessories for numerous industries. We offer hardware of renowned brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Metabo, Milwaukee, Stanley and Yato. We are partners with Yato, and therefore we offer nearly the entire range of their products.

Apart from fasteners, tools and power tools we also offer:

  • technical chemical products: silicones, foams
  • Chains, ropes, hooks and accessories
  • Protective clothes, gloves, hard hats and safety glasses
  • Painting accessories, measurement devices
  • Discs for cutting and grinding various materials
  • Hammers, shovels, spades
  • ... and much more.


Main office, technical saloon

PHU SADAMET Adam Solarczyk

ul. Rozłogi 2

85-179 Bydgoszcz


tel./fax +48 52 584 85 30

E-mail contact




Fasteners warehouse


ul. Smoleńska 60

85-833 Bydgoszcz


tel. +48 52 340 13 01

E-mail contact




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